For Body and Light Presents L’Embarquement

This Thursday Montreal dance company FOR BODY AND LIGHT will celebrate the launch of their exciting 2014 season with an absorbing evening of performance, interaction, still images and video, featuring a 30 minute piece entitled L’EMBARQUEMENT

The piece is a collaboration between choreographer Stéphanie Morin-Robert, poet/musician Ian Ferrier and five dancers: Linnea Gwiazda, Heather Lynn Macdonald, Marie-Pier Gilbert, Marie-France Jacques and Allison Elizabeth Burns

An exhibit of photos of the company by Michael Kovacs and Stéphanie Morin-Robert will also premiere that same night.

The young company’s work explores the interface between darkness and light, form and imagination. Meditative stillness becomes moving shapes, whispered words mix with music while the light catches only the ghost of a body as it flashes past.

The result is a warm and intimate show that has been presented at three festivals, two residencies and 20 performances in their first year as a company.

20h / $12
(CASH ONLY, available at the door/ argent comptant seulement à la porte)
Jeudi le 5 décembre 2013
MainLine Theatre
3997 boul. Saint-Laurent – @forbodyandlight

Choreographer Stéphanie Morin-Robert is currently Mainline Theatre’s artist-in-residence, and the work you’ll see at Mainline is one of two pieces the company will take on the road for their Travail Rouge tour. You can catch the premiere of the second—COMING AND GOING—in four shows at Tangente in Montreal in February. They will then take both pieces on the road for 41 shows in New York, Ottawa, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Victoria and Vancouver.

The event is a chance for the public and friends of the project to meet members of the company, catch a live dance show, see selections of their work from the past year, party and view video from the company’s residency on the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia.

Proceeds from tickets and the photo exhibit will be put towards helping the company’s seven members actually get from venue to venue during the Travail Rouge tour. It’s also a chance for people who have helped and supported this exciting project to talk with the participants and hear about where their work is taking them in 2014.

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