EVENT 2014 Non-Fiction Contest

Here you’ll find everything you need to know to enter our annual Non-Fiction Contest. To get a feel for what we like to publish, pick up a previous copy of EVENT. Contest winners feature in every winter issue since 1989. Otherwise, grab a pen, some paper—okay fine, grab your computer—and prepare to write.

    • $1500 in prizes available… plus our regular publication payment!
    • $34.95 entry fee includes a 1-year EVENT subscription.
    • Send us your stories by April 15, 2014.
    • Submit your story by email to event@douglascollege.ca and pay the entry fee in our online store, or send your story, with a cheque for fees, to:

Non-Fiction Contest
PO Box 2503, New Westminster, BC
Canada, V3L 5B2

Contest details:

Genre: Creative Non-Fiction.

Prize: $1,500 in prizes plus publication in EVENT. EVENT reserves the right to award the prize money as it sees fit (e.g.,  two prizes valued at $750, three at $500, or one at $1000 and one at $500, etc.) in accordance with the judge’s decision. Published entries will be paid our standard publication payment in addition to any prize money.

Cost: $34.95 per entry; includes a one-year subscription to EVENT and all applicable taxes and shipping—a great deal!

Payment can be made on our buy page via PayPal. Or send a cheque or international money order, payable to EVENT, to the address below. American entrants please pay in US dollars.

Deb.03Judge: Deborah Campbell. Deborah Campbell is the author of This Heated Place, a literary narrative of the Israel-Palestine conflict. Her writing has appeared in Harper’s, The Walrus, The Economist, The Guardian, New Scientist, Ms., Foreign Policy and Adbusters, where she spent five years as an associate editor. Much of her work is “immersive,” using narrative storytelling to explore events in countries such as Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, Cuba, Russia, and elsewhere. Her work has been published in ten countries and four languages, and has been included in anthologies and essay collections in Europe, Asia and North America. She is the winner of several National Magazine Awards and currently teaches in the Creative Writing Program at UBC.

Deadline: April 15, 2014 (postmarked or submitted online)

How to Submit: You can email stories to event@douglascollege.ca (Subject: Non-Fiction Contest Entry) and pay the entry fee on our buy page via PayPal. Or send your manuscript to:
Non-Fiction Contest
PO Box 2503, New Westminster, BC
Canada, V3L 5B2


    • 5,000 word limit on entries.
    • No previously published material, or material accepted for publication elsewhere, either in print or online.
    • No simultaneous submissions.
    • Do not identify yourself on the entry. Include a separate cover sheet with name, address, phone number / email, and title(s).
    • Multiple entries are allowed; however, each entry must be accompanied by its own $34.95 entry fee.
    • If already subscribed to EVENT, you will receive a one-year extension.
    • Entries will not be returned.
    • If entrants wish feedback and commentary on manuscripts, please check out our Reading Service for Writers.
    • Preliminary judging is done by the Editor and editorial assistants at EVENT.
    • Douglas College students, employees and their immediate family members are not eligible to enter. Douglas College students may enter two years after completing courses.
    • Entries must be postmarked or submitted online by April 15.
    • Contest results are posted on our website and through social media in August. The winning entries and judge’s essay are published in the December issue of EVENT.
    • For more information, contact us at event@douglascollege.ca or 604-527-5293.