Howl Festival Concert Friday

Catch poet Ian Ferrier in his new guise as one of two guitar players in Regards sur le 7ieme feu this Friday.

The show features this groundbreaking ensemble as well as Choeur Maha.

HOWL: a celebration of art and revolution

Friday 25 Avril, 20h30
Regards sur le 7ème feu ensemble / Choeur Maha
La Sala Rossa, 4848 St. Laurent, 8:30pm, $8

Join us at La Sala Rossa on the second night of the Howl festival for the second concert of Regards sur le 7e feu, a conceptual piece for eleven musicians composed and envisioned by Xarah Dion and Stefan Christoff. The music explores issues revolving around the future of the North, through layers of improvised and written classical and experimental orchestral soundscapes.

Regards sur le 7e feu features Claire Abraham (violoncelle) // Lubo Alexandrov (guitare) // Fred Bazil (saxophone) // Peter Burton (contrebasse) // Stefan Christoff (orgue, piano) // Xarah Dion (orgue, piano) // Ian Ferrier (guitare) // Mark Haynes (basse) // Jahsun Drms (percussion) // Zoë Thomas (violin) // Drey Sax (saxophone).

Choeur Maha was founded in 1991 by composer/performer Kathy Kennedy and visual artist Su Schnee. The choir has delighted audiences for two decades with their creative repertoire, singing in as many languages and styles as possible, from Hildegard von Bingen to Hildegard Westerkamp; from Mozart to Madonna and incorporating a healthy dose of electroacoustic music for good measure.