Headlight Call for Editors-in-Chief

Headlight is offering a call-out for Editor-in-Chief positions for the 2015-2016 academic year.  If you’re interested in getting involved with Concordia’s graduate student anthology, submit a CV and brief cover letter to headlightanthology@gmail.com by Sunday, September 6th, 2015. A position description is below:

Headlight Anthology Editor-in-Chief Position

 As a team, the Headlight Editors-in-Chief will be responsible for every aspect of the anthology, including its mandate, promotion, content, and finances:

 -The mandate, scope, readership, appearance, and content of the anthology.

-Selection of editorial team (poetry/fiction/non-fiction editors, editorial assistants, designer, etc.)

-Co-ordinate and support the editorial team

-Apply for and follow up on internal funding to support the production of the anthology, apply for monetary transfers, and keep track of funding bodies and processes for next year’s team.

-Act as liaison between students and administration

-Oversee production, including the call for submissions, the selection process, and launch preparation in the spring.


Headlight‘s mandate is to promote student work and to develop the Concordia university literary community. Beyond this, the Editor-in-Chief(s) has a unique and exciting opportunity for creative freedom. Along with their team, they have the opportunity to make it “their own” by choosing the design, format, genre, and style. They have the power to transform the anthology to best serve the student body.

-The position serves as excellent personal and professional experience. It is a strong presence on a CV if one goes into publishing and is highly regarded by other related fields as well.

-One has the opportunity to collaborate directly with students and faculty.

The position is voluntary. It can be a lot of work, but between three or four Editors-in-Chief, it is quite manageable.

Questions? Email headlightanthology@gmail.com